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$95K Monthly Sales within 4 Months of Launch

$95K Monthly Sales within 4 Months of Launch

The Situation

A biodegradable trash and kitchen bag startup, HoldOn, was looking to scale their brand online. The eco-friendly brand had a barrier: how could they reach their target audience of sustainably-conscious customers on Amazon?

The Strategy

  1. TriplineLine helped HoldOn craft a messaging strategy and financial plan for launching on Amazon. 

  2. Utilizing TripleLine’s 12-step Perfect Launch process, TripleLine helping the brand rank products quickly on relevant terms. TripleLine also ensured the Amazon listings were fully optimized to communicate the brand story and convert sales. 

  3. TripleLine worked with the HoldOn team to evaluate several third-party sustainability certifications and enroll in Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program, helping the brand secure in-kind placements in Amazon shopping guides and social media posts.

The Results

After implementing TripleLine's strategies...

  1. HoldOn went from 0 to $95K in monthly sales within four months on Amazon.

  2. HoldOn maintained Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS) under 15% throughout their first year.

  3. HoldOn broke into the top-30 category rank with a premium-priced sustainable alternative.

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