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$1M in Sales Within 4 Months of Launch

$1M in Sales Within 4 Months of Launch

The Situation

Geometry, a premium kitchen-towel brand, was seeking a partner to help launch their sustainable tea towels on Amazon. Geometry’s goal was to scale profitably and minimize the cannibalization of their existing direct to to consumer (DTC) sales. 

The Strategy

  1. TripleLine designed elegant and educational product images, A+ content, and designed a Brand Store that would look just as premium as the product. 

  2. FollowingTripleLine’s 12-Step Perfect Launch Process, the brand’s products quickly ranked in the top-20 category results with fully optomized listings. 

  3. Tripleline secured 16 influencer collaborations to support early sales with added traffic and user generated content (UGC). 

  4. Tripleine utilized profitable pay per click (PPC) strategies to quickly rank on relevant Amazon search terms and remarket to existing brand followers while maintaining profitability in the channel.

The Results

By working with TripleLine, Geometry achieved over $500K in monthly revenue within its first quarter on Amazon and maintained healthy profit margins.

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