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212% Increase in Subscriber Growth

212% Increase in Subscriber Growth

The Situation

A personal hygiene brand had experience selling mainly in direct to consumer and physical retail markets. Though they found success in these areas, they were looking to acquire more repeat customers, particularly on Amazon. Due to the limited details the brand had on customers on online platforms, remarketing efforts felt limited. Additionally, the Subscribe & Save subscribers were low. The brand engaged TripleLine to help increase repeat purchases and grow customer loyalty on Amazon.

The Strategy

  1. TripleLine paired price increases with deeper subscription incentives, nudging customers to sign up for automatic repeat purchases. 

  2. Tripleline then deployed both evergreen and event-period strategies for Subscribe and Save (SnS) Coupons. 

  3. Lastly, TripleLine targeted past purchasers with subscription offers.

The Results

The brand's Subscription Count experienced 212% growth, raising to over 20K subscriptions. Additionally, the brand's subscription revenue now makes up 16% more of the total revenue, increasing from 13% to 29%.

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