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31% Growth in Average Order Value

31% Growth in Average Order Value

The Situation

A leading sustainable period care brand aimed to increase average order value (AOV) year-over-year to increase the profitability of each order in the channel. In order to do this, the brand needed a comprehensive selling strategy. The period care brand was experiencing minimal cross-selling on Amazon and had several accessory products that were not profitable in the channel.

The Strategy

  1. TripleLine helped the brand develop new multipack products to lower fulfillment fees per unit.

  2. Additionally, TripleLine advised that the brand pass on a portion of multipack savings in volume discounts to customers. 

  3. Rather than increasing advertising spend on accessories, TripleLine advised the brand to begin bundling core products with harder-to-sell relevant accessories to improve the purchase rates of accessories.

  4. Lastly, the brand utilized Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display remarketing ads with bundle discounts to promote upselling.

The Results

The brand experienced a 31% increase in AOV and, year over year, had a 2.4x improvement in account contribution margin.

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