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56% Sales Increase from Removing 200+ Patent Infringers

56% Sales Increase from Removing 200+ Patent Infringers

The Situation

Pony Pick, an innovative elastic hair-tie removal product, hit the market and experienced a successful launch on Amazon. However, a year later, 56% of the brand’s sales eroded due to an increase in cheap knock-offs of their products. Frustrated with attempts to protect their patent, Pony Pick turned to TripleLine for help.

The Strategy

  1. TripleLine worked with their patent attorney to create and file relevant patent claims with Amazon’s IP Protection team. 

  2. To keep the issue from growing, TripleLine built and implemented a continuous IP-violation audit system that would scan dozens of Amazon search-result pages twice per week, log violators, and allow TripleLine to submit appeals to Amazon’s Brand Registry. 

  3. TripleLine utilized Brand Registry and in-house reporting to monitor and track IP violators continuously.

The Results

  1. To date, TripleLine has removed over 200 knock-off Pony Pick products from Amazon for patent violation.

  2. TripleLine removed an additional 5 products from Amazon for copyright infringement.

  3. Pony Pick regained its lost sales and marketshare, along with its rank as a category leader.

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