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Top 5 Category Rank within 90 Days of Launch

Top 5 Category Rank within 90 Days of Launch

The Situation

A feminine care brand had a sustainable alternative to one of their top-selling products. However, they were attentive to challenges that could limit the product’s success, like its premium price point and high competition in the category.

The Strategy

  1. TripleLine rigorously tested messaging and listing content ahead of launch, utilizing consumer focus-group polls.

  2. Using TripleLine’s 12-Step Perfect Launch process, the product quickly gained product reviews and benefited from both external and on-Amazon traffic.

  3. TripleLine deployed PPC ranking strategies to quickly build organic rank on relevant search terms.

The Results

The new product broke into the Top 5 ranking of the category Bestsellers list within 90 days of launch and maintained this ranking, despite being the high-price option and having less than 10% of the review count of other top sellers. 

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