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The Vital Role of Amazon Product Reviews for Sustainable Brands

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Suppose you’re in the market for a new pen. You search Amazon and immediately find two options in your price range. You proceed to look through each model’s specifications, images, shipping times, and ease of use. To make the final decision, you scroll down to read the product reviews. One has just a couple of reviews with no images. The other has thousands of reviews with images, videos, and even influencer endorsements. 

Which pen are you more inclined to choose?

For most buyers, the answer is going to be the pen with more reviews. Across all product categories, the importance of reviews cannot be understated. It helps customers learn more about the brand, helps brands figure out what they are doing right and wrong, and creates social proof between virtual peers. With sustainable brands, these reviews become even more important. The environmental brand market is crowded, competitive, and has growing demand. What easier way to get ahead than with consistent five-star reviews?

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Why Amazon Product Reviews Matter for Sustainable Brands

1. Credibility: 72% of Americans believe Climate Change is happening. 59% believe it is caused mostly by humans. There are thousands of tonnes of plastic polluting the ocean and animal species going extinct daily due to human interference.  With statistics like these on the rise, it isn’t surprising that there is an increasing number of consumers gravitating towards sustainable products. As a result, more than a few businesses have tried to capitalize on the environmental trend without actually doing anything for the environment, creating an aura of distrust in the sustainability marketplace. Authentic reviews are a way to combat this. They are a source of genuine insights into a brand’s sustainability claims and bolster credibility in the eyes of the consumer. 

2. Targeted Marketing: Reviews provide a platform to elucidate the eco-friendly features of your products such as recyclable packaging, ethically sourced materials, or carbon-neutral practices. These types of reviews attract environmentally conscious consumers and foster an understanding of sustainable practices to an empathetic audience. To encourage customers to comment specifically on the sustainable aspects of your brand, consider sharing educational materials in your product packaging, emails, or even shipping notifications. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your customers on your climate-friendly practices– it is the fastest way to learn and improve! 

3. Market Feedback: Reviews offer invaluable feedback for sustainable brands, serving as a barometer of consumer sentiment and preferences. By analyzing reviews, brands can identify areas for improvement, refine product offerings, and tailor their sustainability initiatives to better align with consumer expectations. Over time this drives continuous improvement in both product quality and sustainability performance. 

4. Discoverability: Product ratings and reviews are one of the many factors that affect search rankings on Amazon. Products with a high volume and strong star average of quality ratings are more likely to appear prominently in search results than a product that has few reviews. In other words, the more reviews a brand has, the more likely it is to be discovered by a prospective customer. For sustainable brands looking to amplify their impact, garnering a robust portfolio of reviews will enhance their online presence and perhaps attract a wider audience of conscious customers. 

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Product reviews are important, but how can you encourage customers to leave honest reviews? And how can you keep this number consistent over time? Below are six possible ways. 

Strategies to Increase Amazon Product Reviews

1. Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences: Good customer service reflects well on almost every part of the business. By delivering on your brand promise and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, you increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews organically.

2. Encourage Post-Purchase Communication: The consumer-brand connection does not have to end the moment the product arrives at the customer’s front door. Utilize email marketing campaigns, follow-up surveys, or personalized messages to encourage customers to share their experiences and leave reviews on Amazon.

3. Avoid Incentivizing Reviews: Though incentivizing reviews can feel tempting, particularly early on in your product’s selling journey, it is important to be aware of the risk surrounding such promotions. Amazon’s review policies explicitly prohibit requesting reviews in exchange for any monetary award in an effort to ensure transparency and integrity in the Amazon product review process. If you have any questions or concerns about soliciting reviews, read more under Amazon’s review policies.

4. Optimize Product Listings for Review Acquisition: Making little adjustments on your product’s selling page can prompt customers to leave reviews. This includes (but is not limited to) providing detailed product descriptions, highlighting sustainability features, using high-quality images, and offering how-to manuals. When buyers have this information prior to purchasing, they not only know exactly what to expect from your product but also have clear guidelines for what to comment on post-purchase. 

5. Engage with Reviewers: Actively engage with customers who leave reviews on your products. Respond promptly to both positive and negative reviews, expressing gratitude for feedback and addressing any concerns or issues raised. This demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and lets future customers know you care about their concerns. 

6. Utilize Amazon Vine: If you are an FBA seller, be sure to leverage Amazon Vine, a program that allows trusted reviewers to receive free products in exchange for honest and unbiased reviews. Participating in the Amazon Vine program can help jumpstart review acquisition for new products and expand your reach to a broader audience of discerning reviewers.

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Amazon product reviews play a pivotal role in shaping the success and sustainability of brands in today's competitive e-commerce landscape. For sustainable brands, cultivating a robust portfolio of authentic reviews is not only a testament to their commitment to environmental responsibility, but also a strategy for driving brand awareness, credibility, and growth. By implementing effective review acquisition strategies and prioritizing customer satisfaction, sustainable brands can harness the power of Amazon product reviews, amplify their impact, and forge meaningful connections with conscious consumers worldwide.

If you are seeking a partnership in your Amazon sales journey, reach out to a member of the TripleLine team here.

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